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Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening

The Guidebook Package

  • Ten Weeks Guidebook and Cds, PLUS Workbook705 Page Guidebook
  • 4 Instructional CDs that guide you step-by-step through the creation of your own financial plan using Quicken.
  • 123 Page Workbook containing duplicate copies of all the forms in the 705 page guidebook (useful for your spouse or partner to work the program with you, or if you prefer not to write in the main guidebook).

This Program will help me to:

  • Understand my relationship to money and what I really want in life.
  • Establish an organizational system to keep all the paper from suffocating me.
  • Set up and manage my finances with Quicken® software - successfully.
  • Make informed money decisions about work, debt, investing, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning by using the Quicken® "What if Event Analysis" feature.
  • Keep my personal financial plan updated with changes that occur in my life.
  • Experience happiness and contentment by learning to "ground" with my money.

NOTE: The TEN WEEKS CD's are made for the Windows (PC) Version of Quicken Deluxe 2004. However, these Tutorial CDs, in conjunction with the most recent version of the Quicken Official Guide or the Webinar Series, can also be used with newer versions of Quicken.

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Money is meant to serve our soul - not the other way around.  The TEN WEEKS
materials are unique in that they help you remember your soulful life and
then live in alignment with that life by your conscious financial decisions.
Unleash the power of your money to help you live the Authentic Life that
alone will bring the meaning and happiness you deserve.

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